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Specialist personal tax services

Our personal tax experts provide knowledgeable and efficient tax services to cater for your individual needs.

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Personal tax returns and planning

Here at Godfrey Anderson & Co, we can help you to prepare self-assessment tax returns and deal with basic repayment claims and even complex returns. We act on your behalf and liaise with HMRC whilst keeping you updated about your personal tax matters. Plus, we also provide personal tax planning and advice for all your tax concerns. If you want to discuss your tax-related issue or need a consultation, contact us today.

Capital gains tax

Capital gains are profits that you made on the sale of an asset or as a return on your investment. Capital gains tax is different and rather complicated in comparison to traditional income tax. This is where we help and ensure accurate reporting of your capital gain to HMRC.

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Inheritance tax

Inheritance tax is another technical aspect that we are fully trained to deal with. If you have gained a property, stock or any kind of asset from your family member and are unsure about the applicability of inheritance tax on it, call us and we can look after the matter for you.

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